Candi Dasa is a Cat Fancier's Association, Inc. registered professional Cattery. I maintain an exceptionally clean environment for all of my cats. All cats and kittens are given daily attention and love. Cats are provided with intellectiual stimulation and human contact every day. As well as the opportunity for daily exercise and sunlight. I personally have 34 years of breeding experience. You can rest assured a kitten from Candi Dasa is healthy, and happy; ready for a lifetime of joy and love with your family.

All of my Oriental Shorthair and Siamese kittens are hand-raised and given much personal attention and love. An abundance of attention instills outgoing personalities and an affectionate heart! My kittens have been described as bold...bossy...adventurous...affectionate... and loving!!

Each and every Siamese or Oriental Shorthair kitten is given personal attention daily. We play with them and handle them many times a day, so they are definitely used to people and being cuddled and kissed! They have freedom to run, play and climb, an entire room dedicated to their entertainment! Happy kittens become happy, affectionate cats and family members!

I have changed the look of my kittens throughout the years from the Traditional Siamese to the show style or wedge head Siamese. I love the sleek look of the wedge head and the Oriental Shorthair and this is where I think i am producing the most beautiful kittens I ever have. I am very proud of my kittens.


I IMPRINT kittens at birth, handling them every day with love and affection to ensure an exquisite personality!


My cattery is careful to prevent feline diseases, FeLV, FIV,and FIP. I am using a Nobivac 4-Way Vaccine to protect your kittens from disease. Kittens will have age appropriate vaccines before they leave. I recommend rabies vaccinations around 6 months of age. Kittens are also on a parasite control schedule.

My kittens are born to genetically healthy, carefully chosen, breeding females and male. My adult cats do not carry life threatening issues such as heart defects, corneal issues, Irritable bowel disorders or thyroid disease. I do not allow kittens to leave until at least 14-16  weeks of age. They need this time to socialize with their siblings and other adult cats to develop a solid temperment.

Remember... you are looking for a kitten that will be with you for many, many years to come. So you can feel confident in your choice of a healthy kitten from Candi Dasa Cattery!




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